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Preserving Your U.S. Air Force History & Heritage

Custom Gifts – Tail Flash Prints – Tail Flash Signs – Crew Chief Signs – Tail Flash Hats

Custom Tail Flash Framed Prints

Personalized framed prints are a reflection of your US Air Force experience - a legacy that will take pride of place in your home and be shared for generations to come.



Design your own Tail Flash Hat! Make a one-of-a-kind!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to give a special gift that can be used for any of our products and services.

Metal Tail Flash Signs

Aluminum Tail Flash - full color like on the aircraft - great to display for your home, office, or "MANCAVE"


Tail flash - a tradition since 1915!

C-130 WV ANG Mockup
classic-dad-hat-navy-right-front-6436d915d4edf (1)
KC-135 Wisconsin officer mockup
B-52-2 Mockup
B-52 Mockuip
C-130 Dyess Officer Mockup
AC-130 Mockup
Examples of C-5 Galaxy Tail Flash Signs
KC-135 MIchigan Mockup
classic-dad-hat-cranberry-left-front-6436cdc0806f3 (1)
C-17 Hickam Enlisted Mockup
KC-135 ANG WisconsinMockup
Examples of C-130 Tail Flash Signs
Large tail flash signs shown with framed prints
Sample of KC-135 Tail Flash Signs
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About what we do...

In 1915, the US Army Signal Corps received their first aircaft, the legendary Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” and to distinguish their aircraft they marked the tail with the large red star. Thus was borne ‘tail flash’ – an Air Force tradition but now disappearing from many USAF aircraft. We want to preserve the tail flash designs with our custom gifts. All of our products are made individually plus you can personalize them too. Choose from metal tail flash signs, custom framed prints, even hats you’ll find no where else on the internet. Browse our over 250 tail flash designs, and if you don’t see the one you want, let me know. Contact me directly for more information. Thank you!

We’re always grateful for your business! 

John Flood Owner, Designer


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