Celebrating Your Air Force Experience

Our goal is it offer unique U.S. AIR FORCE theme gifts to celebrate your service time. Each gift is diffenent from other websites that sell USAF swag – we concentrate on the special and unique items that make being an Airman special from all the other branches of service. And we also can take it up another notch and help design a gift that is personalized just for you. 

Share your Air Force experience with your family and keep you legacy alive!

Share Your U.S. Air Force History & Heritage

Custom Gifts – Tail Flash Prints – Tail Flash Signs – Crew Chief Signs – Tail Flash Hats

Custom Tail Flash Framed Prints

Personalized framed prints are a reflection of your US Air Force experience - a legacy that will take pride of place in your home and be shared for generations to come.



Design your own Tail Flash Hat! Make a one-of-a-kind!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to give a special gift that can be used for any of our products and services.

Metal Tail Flash Signs

Aluminum Tail Flash - full color like on the aircraft - great to display for your home, office, or "MANCAVE"


USAF Tail Flash --- History Going back to 1915

C-17 Hickam Enlisted Mockup
B-52-2 Mockup
KC-135 MIchigan Mockup
Examples of C-130 Tail Flash Signs
B-52 Mockuip
KC-135 ANG WisconsinMockup
KC-135 Wisconsin officer mockup
Large tail flash signs shown with framed prints
Sample of KC-135 Tail Flash Signs
Examples of C-5 Galaxy Tail Flash Signs
C-130 WV ANG Mockup
AC-130 Mockup
C-130 Dyess Officer Mockup
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4


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Printables – Instant Download

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Tail Flash Prints

Tail Flash Replica Signs


Tail flash signs shown on wall in basement bar setting






Celebrate your Air Force Experience with us...

When I first set foot on a EC-121R for aircrew training I thought “it don’t get better than this!” After the Connie, I was aircrew on 130s, 135s and finished on the E-4B. I racked up a couple of thousand hours of flying and hundreds and hundreds of wonderful memories. How do we share our memories? Many of us have “the wall” or that corner in the basement where our favorite memories reside. At USAF Gifts, we’re not just about flyers but everyone that contributes to the mission, to Fly, Fight, and Win.  Our goal is to create something you want to share with your families and generations to come. We have created unique & quality gifts for every occasion and for your “wall” too. From me to you – thank you for your service and for stopping by. Good luck to you! 

We can make custom farewell gifts – contact us!

John Flood, Illustrator


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